24/7 real-time tracking

Display exact vehicle location and real-time status of your entire fleet including engine on/ off status, speed, travelled mileage, refueling, fuel consumption and others every 10 seconds interval.

Monitoring software

Monitor your vehicles everywhere by using your computer, smart phone, iPad and tablets. Our monitoring software is user friendly and supports both Mongolian and English language.

Real-time alerts

In the event of over speeding, unauthorized parking, refueling, fuel theft and violation of geo-fence, it is alerted by pop-up window and audible alarm. Drivers are warned audible alarm in vehicle cabin, when they breach speed limit.

Remote fuel monitoring

Monitor vehicle refueling, fuel consumption, fuel level of the tank and fuel theft in real-time. If fuel theft detects, the event is alarmed on the monitoring software.


Users can set-up various Geo-fence on the map. If the drivers violate the preset Geo-fence, it is alerted on the monitoring software.

Two-way messaging

Drivers and dispatchers can exchange messages within cellular and satellite network by using Garmin navigator. Dispatchers are able to send the destination of the vehicle to driver’s Garmin by monitoring software. Mongolian road network map is uploaded in Garmin so driver can drive peace of mind without losing the route.

Vehicle data archive

Vehicle historical data including mileage, travelled route, fuel consumption and others can be stored in a server system so users view the historical track of particular vehicle for a selected date range.

Vehicle reports

View the various report of particular vehicle for a selected date range and the reports can be converted to MS-Excel, Adobe PDF, Google KMZ and others. Our reports are:

  • Historical route report
  • Mileage report
  • Trip report
  • Parking report
  • Idling report
  • Fuel report
  • Alarm report
  • And others

Tire pressure monitoring

Drivers can monitor all wheel tires’ pressure and temperature in vehicle cabin. Tire pressure monitoring system ensures proper inflation of the tires and high pressure, high temperature and pressure leakage are alerted to the driver by audible alarm.

Driver Identification

With assistance of driver identification system, only approved driver can get an access to drive a vehicle and dispatcher are able to prepare reports of each driver productivity by the vehicle.